AP-Wilbanks Enclosure-Larger Size - Complete Kit-36"X19"X12"
AP-Wilbanks Enclosure-Larger Size - Complete Kit-36"X19"X12"
AP-Wilbanks Enclosure-Larger Size - Complete Kit-36"X19"X12"

AP-Wilbanks Enclosure-Larger Size - Complete Kit-36"X19"X12"


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Discover unparalleled luxury for your Ball Python with the latest AP Wilbanks Enclosures, now in a grander size of 36"X19"X12". This premium enclosure, a collaborative masterpiece between Mike Wilbanks and Animal Plastics, redefines elegance and functionality in reptile care. Designed to Mike Wilbanks' exacting standards and manufactured by Animal Plastics, a beacon of excellence in the industry, this habitat is more than an enclosure—it's a statement of quality and dedication to your reptile's well-being.

Elevate your pet's environment with a suite of top-tier features, each symbolizing our commitment to excellence:

• 🔥 Heat: The 40 Watt Wilbanks Advanced Radiant Heat Panel ensures a cozy, consistent temperature, mirroring the warmth of natural habitats.
• 🔒 Security: Enhanced with locking glass doors, this enclosure offers peace of mind, secured with two keys for exclusive access.
• 💡 Light: Integrated LED light strips cast a soft, natural glow, highlighting your Ball Python's beauty and the enclosure's intricate design.
• 🌡️ Control: Precision is paramount with the VE-200 Proportional Thermostat, offering tailored temperature management for optimal comfort.
• 💧 Humidity: The Pangea Humidity/Temperature Monitor keeps you informed, ensuring a perfect balance for health and vitality.
• 🌿 Bedding: Wilbanks Cocos Reptilia Coco Block lays the foundation for a natural, enriching substrate, inviting exploration and relaxation.
• 🚰 Water: Hydration choices abound with the Wilbanks Disposable Water Bowl Kit or the robust Large Wilbanks Crock, catering to your and your pet's preferences.
• 🏠 Reptile Well-Being: The Wilbanks Reptile Hide, available in three sizes, offers a sanctuary within the sanctuary, supporting privacy and security.
• 🧼 Cleaning: The 16oz Wilbanks Quatricide PV ensures a pristine habitat, safe and conducive to your reptile's health.

This expansive 36"X19"X12" enclosure not only provides ample space for your Ball Python to thrive but also features a stackable design with stabilizing pins, perfect for a growing collection or a professional setup. Experience the epitome of reptile housing, where every detail is crafted with care, reflecting a deep understanding of your needs and those of your cherished pet.

** Note: Kit Ships Separately from the Wilbanks Facility.  Cage ships directly from AP in 7-10 days.

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