Happy Customers - Our Mission Shows In Product Reviews

At Wilbanks Reptiles our mission is to have happy customers every time.  You can shop with confidence at Wilbanks Reptiles knowing you will receive the best customer care from selection process to long after the sale.

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Baby Ball Python arrived and looked great, eats great and is doing great 2 weeks out.

Stunning Snakes

We visited the store location for the first time based off of word of mouth and I'm so glad we did. I loved the selection of snakes they had available and I loved how clean every enclosure is. The owners/staff members are extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Their prices are fantastic as well. We will absolutely be returning.


Love my girl, Iris
Shipment showed up on time. She was cold but was fine
Customer service quickly responded to questions.
Will purchase from wilbanks again


This little guy is gorgeous! He’s exceptionally healthy, as are ALL the animals we have purchased from Wilbanks! 5 star quality every purchase, every time!

124W heat panel

I really like that this rhp is black and not white,it's very well made and does it's job...

Our Beautiful Baby Girl

Our family was recommended to Wilbanks. SO glad we went. Such an awesome environment. We looked at all the snakes in the live viewing room. The gentleman that helped us was so full of information and made the whole process so simple. We love our baby girl! She's an amazing animal! Thank you Wilbanks!

We love her!

She's a bit temperamental but she's a snake. She's beautiful and we are very fond of her!

great product

love this fast delivery easy install can feel the quality

Gargoyle Gecko '23
Beautiful Orange Banded Gargoyle Gecko

One of the nicest orange banded Gargoyles I’ve come across. It came in fat and alert and ate it’s first night. I’ve bought a few geckos from Wilbanks and all are doing great and growing fast. Always a great and easy transaction including the shipping process. Highly recommended.

Exactly what I wanted.

Quality Product!

This product does what it says, the folks at Willbanks have great customer service and the transaction was super smooth. After weeks of fighting to keep temps with lesser panels, installed the Willbanks and all is right in the Snakesphere for Mrs Quick! Enclosure temps are spot on and perfect and the larger panel is smaller and slimmer than the competitor's smaller panels. Thank you, Willbanks, for a great product! (Advice: Reach out to them to ensure you have the recommended panel size for your enclosure before ordering is the easiest and best thing to do)

Randy is amazing!

Thank you so much ! My buddy randy has been an amazing eater from day one ! He also doesn't mind being handled at all he is actually rather social for being such a little guy ! I enjoy him very much !

Great experience

Great customer support , great experience , friendly website , all good.

Love me snake

Love my banana leopard ball! Arrived safely and healthy!


Beautiful banana ball python very bright colors amazing structure very nice size healthy looking. Great shape

Very pretty snake

Ordered her and she arrived the next day. She is very friendly and warmed up very fast. Thanks wilbanks you have a lifetime customer here.

Fire Ball Python ♀ '23
Scott Schneider
Arrived alive and in good shape

Snake was good in healthy

Awesome snake

Delivery was awesome . Arrived around 1030 the next day. Snake was cold but alive. He was healthy. He was exactly what I was wanting. Only trouble I had was I could never reach them by phone but they was setting up some new stuff and not in the office very often. Which was OK I completely understand that as they did answer the emails pretty quickly. I have since highly recommended them to several of my friends which bought from and they are happy with their purchase also . I tried to work something out with them to sell many more 9f their snakes and they didn't seem interested. I would still interested as you can't beat the prices. But did get something setup from another breeder as they was happy to sell lots more snakes.

Great service

All ways the best customer service as always and the animal care is awesome she healthy and eats like a champ.


I got my beautiful banana boy for here and I would 10/10 recommend! Willis was very informative and professional throughout this whole experience. I plan on ordering more from him very soon!

Wilbanks products

Absolutely top quality products

Fast shipping, I did not have a good experience with the animal.

I messaged weeks before purchasing. Asking for a recommendation on which snake would be best for a family and easy to handle. They take a while to respond but I was given a recommendation. I purchased that snake and he was beautiful and well packaged. He was VERY defensive often striking at shadows and anything that walked by his enclosure. He would eat and I tried everything to handle him. After a few nasty bites. I stopped trying. He ate a meal for me and then regurgitated his second meal. I’m just not sure what happened. I have another ball python kept the same and have had no issues. I’m not sure what went wrong but I’m very hesitant to purchase another. This was my dream snake and I regret my purchase.

Always top notch customer service!

Willis is the man! Every Wilbanks purchase is memorable. However, Willis customer service always keeps me coming back!

Great product

Real slim design makes it disappear in the enclosure, and it does a great job keeping my temps stable.

Heat panel

I got the 40watt cause 80s were sold out great product will definitely be ordering more