Happy Customers - Our Mission Shows In Product Reviews

At Wilbanks Reptiles our mission is to have happy customers every time.  You can shop with confidence at Wilbanks Reptiles knowing you will receive the best customer care from selection process to long after the sale.

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Another home run

Once again Wilbanks delivers an amazing snake. A very healthy, happy, beautiful snake. They make it easy to get the reptile you want. 5 stars all day.

Fantastic Snake!

He’s like a puppy! Ate frozen thawed right away! Hasn’t refused a meal!


As always she’s perfect

3rd Wilbanks baby

This girl is beautiful,healthy and has settled in really nicely. Great addition too the two we already had.

Banana 100% Het. Pied Ball Python ♂ '23
Maythavee Jaratmaythavit-Bautista

I love my baby and the delivery took only a business day!

BEL baby!

Beautiful little snake, got her extremely fast and into her enclosure, she’s very curious, no issues with feeding or handling!

80w rhp

Seems to work great. I like how much thinner and compact it is then the other brands. I plan to add these to all my enclosures.

Love Wilbanks

I am happy wirh all the ball pythons I have gotten from Wilbanks. And this banana super fire is not exception. Beautiful snake thanks

Gorgeous Ball Python

Beautiful, healthy snake and awesome disposition. Customer service is outstanding! I love the ball pythons I’ve gotten from Wilbanks. They are amazing!

Amazing people

I bought my girl merlin from them. Not only did they answer any questions I had before hand but then has kept in touch. Will 100 percent purchase from them again


Guy here quickly and works great

Pastel Sugar Ball Python ♂ '23
Lynette Huffstedtler
Beautiful, healthy ball

I received my ball python quickly. The animal looked healthy and gorgeous. Communication was prompt and good. Thanks, Mike Wilbanks!

Sweet Baby Snake

What a precious baby! Very healthy and active, curious about everything and such a calm disposition. We love everything about her!

Bold & Curious :)

Very beautiful reddish coloration--a lovely "normal"! Curious, bold and took to handling well. She adjusted very quickly after arrival and eats solidly. Another excellent ball python, thank you!

Fire Ball Python ♀ '23
Natalie Johnston
Beautiful Fireball!

She arrived in excellent health and great personality right out of the box. Hasn't missed a meal, just shed her skin in one solid piece, and warmed up to her new home quickly. She has really pretty coloration for a Fire morph. Also got her at discount. Can't recommend enough!

She was absolutely beautiful, they all are!!

Arrived on time in perfect condition

I’ve had my new ball python for a couple weeks now and he’s doing great! He adjusted quickly and eats without a problem. The shipping went exactly as expected so he was delivered quickly without issues.

Premium Vermiculite
James Brandle

Got here very fast


I love my boy so much. ( Kai ) He is really the perfect snake. I recommend wilbanksreptiles to anyone:). Thank you

Snake hook

Great quality! And I love the green and black look! Shipping time was phenomenal!

Absolutely amazing!!! Best customer service I’ve ever experienced!

First off! Our girl is so sweet! Very gentle and very curious! The customer service is the best customer service I’ve ever experienced! Couldn’t be happier with Wilbanks! Already planning to buy another snake soon!

Pretty Blue eyed Lucy

First it’s has aways been a pleasure dealing with Wilbanks Reptiles, this is our second BEL but our 3rd overall purchase,
If I have questions their response time has always been quick, when our BP’s are shipped they have always been in perfect condition when they arrive, I has heard and seen some of the horror stories on the Ball Python groups I am part of, so it is nice to know when I purchase something from Mike Wilbanks I get a healthy and beautiful product.

Huffman Girl

She came in small but hasn't missed a meal. Beautiful girl!

2nd snake purchase

This is our 2nd pet bought from wilbanks. Snake arrived just as healthy as the first.

Very health

Will banks are very good people te deal with expert help during the whole transaction
And she is beautiful