Wilbanks Homeostatic Incubators™

Our new incubators and unlike anything ever seen on the reptile market. Homeostasis is defined as a state of steady internal conditions in spite of external variables. Our Homeostatic Reptile Incubator does just what the name implies. It maintains the set temperature without regard to the external temperature. These incubators achieve this homeostatic condition by heating or cooling depending on external factors to maintain the set temperature.


All our incubators come with locking glass doors, thermostat with continual monitored temp display, LED lights, air circulation system with activated carbon filtration, heating and cooling.


Our incubators will incubate any species of reptile egg with percision and an accurate adherence to the desired set point regardless of the external room temperature. The ability to cool as well as heat make these incubators much more than just another reptile incubator. Cooling allows you to put the incubator in a room that is warmer or cooler than the desired incubation temperature. For instance Chahoua Geckos sex is determined by the incubation temperature. If females are desired incubation should be set to 72°F. This makes placement of a traditional incubator very difficult since most reptile rooms are kept above 72°F. We can now place these incubators anywhere in our facility including the hot warehouse and incubate our gecko eggs at 72°F. When eggs near hatching they will often generate enough heat to make the incubator surpass the set incubation temperature. When this happened to us in the past we had to vent our incubator by cracking the door to keep it from overheating. Now with our homeostatic incubators our eggs will incubate at the set temperatureat at any age of development.


Many species of colubrids require a hibernation period in order to successfully reproduce. Many people will achieve this by placing the animals in a cold garage during the winter months to simulate a hibernation period. With our incubator you can set a desired hibernation temperature like 55°F for instance, put your rack trays with lids in the incubator and hibernate your animals. No more worrying about a garage getting too warm or too cold during the hibernation period. It also allows for off season cycling. So colubrids can be put in hibernation even in the hot summer months. When the eggs are laid you can put in the same space for them to incubate and hatch.


There are many species that require temperatures that are not practical to maintain for most keepers. For instance Fire Salamanders like a temperature ranging from mid 50s to mid 60s. Now it is possible to keep and propagate many species of insects, reptiles and amphibians that previously had prohibitive temperature requirements.

Note from Mike Wilbanks

When I was first starting in the reptile business, I wanted to project an image of quality and I always wanted the latest "top of the line" racks and equipment. I was disappointed that there was not a commercially available pro-level incubator on the market. So, I built my own, like many of us did. Now, many years later, I have put all my years of reptile expertise into building the perfect reptile egg incubator. One of the problems I encountered when I really started to become very successful was heat build up when the incubator was stuffed to capacity. I would crack the door in order to let heat out but this sacrificed control. Sometimes, I experienced birth defects that I attributed to these temperature fluctuations. Now, with my new incubator design all of that has changed. The set point will be maintained no matter what.

Besides their revolutionary functionality, the Wilbanks Homeostatic Incubators look amazing. Aesthetics have always been important to me. They have beautiful glass doors and prominately displayed temperature monitors. When people walk into your reptile room and see the sleek design of your Wilbanks Homeostatic Incubator, they will know you are a professional who wants the best of the best when it comes to equipment. I am very proud of these new incubators and I know you will be too.

Thank you all for your support over the years. Sincerely,

Important: Calibrate Your New Wilbanks Incubator.

During the shipping process the calibration of the thermostat can come out of adjustment. So, when you receive your new incubator it is imperative that you calibrate the thermostat. It is easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

  1. After unboxing allow the incubator to stand for at least 1 hour before plugging it in to the electric outlet.
  2. Plug in the incubator and set your desired temperature.
  3. Place the thermometer on the second shelf down.
  4. Close the door and allow the incubator to stabilize and come up to temperature for 4 hours.
  5. Check the temperature of the accurate thermometer and note how this compares to the chamber display temperature (right).
  6. For instance if your thermometer reads 87°F and the left chamber display temp reads 89°F, you will need to adjust the calibration -2°F.
Calibration Mode

7. Hold down the up and down adjustment for 3 seconds.

8. The left number will flash "0" from the factory.


9. While the "0" is flashing on the left, push either the up or the down arrow to adjust the calibration.

10. In our example we would adjust down until -2°F is displayed. This will adjust the themerature of the thermostat down by 2°F to accuratly calibrate it.

11. After you have completed calibration it is good practice to perform all of these steps again to ensure you have your incubator completely accurate.

Wilbanks Incubators In Action!

When you get your Wilbanks Incubator be sure to shoot a Youtube Video and send it to us so we can feature you here.


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