The Long Awaited Wilbanks Advanced Radiant Heat Panels are finally here! 

The Wilbanks Advanced Radiant Heat Panel is the most premium reptile heating system in the world.  Manufactured in Italy to exacting standards.

What makes the Wilbanks Advanced Radiant Heat Panel different?

First Our heat panels are pending UL certification.  A product that is UL Listed is one that has been tested and found to have met strict standards for safety and sustainability. These standards include fire and flame resistance, functionality, and potential electrical hazards. 

Our revolutionary radiant heat system features a Fiber Optic Heat Element encased in double silicone insulation with aluminum backing to deflect the heat downward and produce heat quickly, evenly and most of all safely. All of this is encased in a 1.5mm galvanized steel back plate and a 1mm steel coated front plate to direct heat downwards leaving a small 2mm gap for heat to be distributed instead of transferred upwards.  What we have achieved here is an incredible difference between the heat on the front of the panel and the heat on the back of the panel. The slim line case is less than 3/4 inches thick!

*Pulse Proportional or Dimming Thermostat Required

Download Complete Installation Instructions Here

Which size Wilbanks radiant heat panel is best for my enclosure?

Use our calculator to determine the cubic feet of your enclosure to help you decide which size Wilbanks Advanced Radiant Heat Panel is best suited for your reptile's habitat.

Panel Size Guidelines

These size guidelines are based on an ambient room temperature between 68F-72F. If your room is warmer or cooler you may need adjust the panel size to meet your particular needs.

* Up To 12 Cubic Feet - WARHP40

* 13 To 20 Cubic Feet - WARHP80

* 21 To 54 Cubic Feet - WARHP125

*55 To 128 Cubic Feet - WARHP220

If you have a bigger space to heat please contact us for help selecting the perfect heat panel configuration for your enclosure..

Hand Crafted In Italy

Each Wilbanks Advanced Radiant Heat Panel is assembled by hand in Italy.  This ensures that every heat panel is inspected thoroughly and made with precision.

We are very proud of this new Wilbanks product and are sure you will be very happy to provide the absolute state of the art when it comes to heating your reptile's enclosure.  


Radiant heat is a system that supplies heat directly to your enclosure through an ultra slim panel installed on the underside of your enclosure. Radiant heat panels depend on heat transfer - the delivery of heat directly from the hot surface to the animals and objects in the enclosure via safe inferred radiation. 

Radiant Heat Panels are are safe option to other available heat sources for your animals. Radiant Heat Panels are less expensive to run then other heat sources available today such as ceramic heat emitter and deep heat projector bulbs. Radiant heat panels are the most efficient reliable option available today. Radiant Heat Panels create the correct heat gradient and ambient temperature required. 

YES! Our heat panels are pending UL certification. This is the gold standard for safety in electronics. Radiant Heat Panels (RHP) have been safety utilized within the reptile community for years. 

YES. These ultra slim panels install within minutes with a 4 simple screws. The only tools required are a drill or screwdriver. (We recommend a drill)

YES. Infact we will never recommend purchasing a RHP without also strongly recommending a quality thermostat. Operating this or any radiant heat panel without a thermostat could cause dangerous temperature levels in the enclosure and could result in fire. The Wilbanks Radiant Heat Panels should NEVER be operated without a thermostat.

The short answer is, any heat source is capable of burning. Having said that, Radiant Heat Panels have been used safely in reptile enclosures for many years. Our panels are ultra slim therefore your animal (snake) is unable to wrap itself around the panel. Panels are installed flush with the underside of the top of your enclosure well away from your animal. Our panels are safe in 12 inch tall and taller enclosures.

In most cases the answer is yes. Not all manufacturers pre drill holes. Simply because each customer will want the panel on one side OR the other. The inline connection plug MUST be located outside the cage.

When utilizing a quality pulse proportional thermostat your panel should last many many years. It's likely you will get 10+ years out of each panel with 24/7 daily use. Wilbanks Inc. offers a lifetime warranty for any panel that stops working. *Conditions apply 

Our panels are ultra slim. Once installed it's unlikely you will see the panel below the lip of most PVC units. 

Please refer to the complete installation instructions for proper probe placement.

Speaking solely about an enclosure housing a ball python. We recommend setting your thermostat at 89. Any quality pulse proportional thermostat will provide an accurate temperature on its digital reader. Please utilize a handheld inferred temperature gun plus interior readers to ensure your temperatures day to day regardless of your heat source.

Our Radiant Heat Panels are made and assembled by hand in Italy utilizing UL listed components. 

Please refer to the calculator above to determine which size panel is best suited for your enclosure.